In this tutorial, you create a simple application with HCL™ Launch. You use standard plug-ins to create a component and define an application that deploys the component to an environment.

The deployment that you create in this tutorial, although simple, introduces you to the most-used product features. The helloWorld deployment that you create in the tutorial deploys a component by moving some files on the local file system to another location on the file system, presumably a location that is used by an application server.

Learning objectives#

In this tutorial, you learn how to complete these tasks:

Time required:1 hour

Time required#

This tutorial takes approximately 1 hour to finish. If you explore other concepts that are related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.

System requirements#

To run this tutorial, you must have an installation of HCL Launch, version 6.0 or later


To complete this tutorial, you must have installed the HCL Launch server and at least one agent. Typically, the agent is installed on a computer or system other than the one where the server is located. However, for simplicity, the agent can be installed on the same system where the server is installed. If you do not have an agent and a server, see Installing HCL Launch.

Parent topic: Create a simple helloWorld deployment