Installing the z/OS agent#

Before you deploy to the IBM® z/OS® platform, you must install the z/OS agent and configure the z/OS server for communication with HCL Launch. If the build process runs on a different logical partition (LPAR), then you must additionally install the agent on the build LPAR. You can install the z/OS agent and deployment tools by using the HCL® System Modification Program Extended (SMP/E) or by extracting archive files to the z/OS UNIX™ file system.

Note: Beginning with version 6.2.4. the z/OS deployment tools have become part of the z/OS agent. The deployment tools no longer require a separate installation. If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 6.2.4, see Upgrading IBM z/OS agents for details about the changes.

Review the system requirements, and then plan the installation:

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