Installing the z/OS agent and deployment tools by using SMP/E#

HCL® System Modification Program/Extended (SMP/E) is a tool for installing and maintaining software on z/OS® systems. SMP/E controls software changes at the element level. Job Control Language (JCL) is submitted by using 3270 emulation.

The HCL™ Launch agent for z/OS is provided in the HCL Launch Agent z/OS @version@ Multilingual software image in the HCL Launch eAssembly. The image contains program directories and binary files. The program directories contain instructions for installing the z/OS agent by using SMP/E.

Note: The SMP/E installation media is supplied for each release. Fix packs are available only for .zip file installation.

  1. Follow the instructions in the z/OS program directory.

    The program directory lists specific directory path names. If you extract files to a different location, update the path names to match the location.

The SMP/E package installs several Multiple Virtual Storage data sets, including the high_level_qualifier.SBUZSAMP and high_level_qualifier.SBUZAUTH data sets. You select the high-level qualifier during the SMP/E installation. The high_level_qualifier.SBUZAUTH data set must be authorized by the Authorized Program Facility. Other configuration steps include editing and submitting JCL that is found in the high_level_qualifier.SBUZSAMP data set.

The SMP/E package also installs one z/OS UNIX™ System Services file directory: /@pathPrefix@/usr/lpp/HCL/ucd/@version@, where @pathPrefix@ is the path prefix that you specified during the SMP/E installation.

The package installs the following Function Modification Identifier (FMID): HRUC@version@.

Install and configure an instance of the agent. See Installing agents from the command line.

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