Video and learning resources for HCL Launch#

Many resources about effectively using HCL™ Launch are available. You can choose which learning resources to use depending on your role, skill level, interests, and the time you have.

The following types of learning resources are available. To learn more about them, including where to find them and what you gain by using them, see the detailed descriptions.

Videos and multimedia#

Many videos and multimedia are available to help you learn about a wide range of HCL Launch capabilities.

Tours and tutorials#

Tutorials provide instructions for common tasks. Some tutorials also explain the concepts that you need to understand before you start a task. Complete a tutorial to learn to do a task, or revisit a tutorial for a reminder of how to do a task that you do not often do. You can access tutorials from Tutorials.

Learning circles#

A learning circle is a community space where people come to learn about a subject. Learning circles offer targeted resources and guided learning activities that are selected by subject matter experts. Use learning circles for these purposes:

More information:

Additional resources#