Building mobile applications#

To set up a continuous integration and delivery cycle for your mobile applications, you must build the mobile application artifacts before you deploy them to the IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation Server. TheRational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management, MobileFirst Platform Foundation, and UrbanCode™ Deploy products integrate to help automate the build and deployment of mobile applications.

TheRational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management contains the IBM Rational Team Concert™ product that is delivered as an application together with aJazz™ Team Server. Rational Team Concert™ and the Build System Toolkit work together to build your mobile applications. When Rational Team Concert™ is installed on the Jazz™ Team Server, it manages the workspaces, projects, source files, and builds of your mobile applications. The Build System Toolkit runs the actual build tasks.

  1. Build computer resources
    Before you run a mobile application build script on a build computer, you must ensure that the required resources exist on the build computer.
  2. Build scripts
    You can create Ant build scripts for MobileFirst Platform Foundation projects that contain applications and adapters. By using these build scripts, you can automate your mobile application builds.
  3. Rational Team Concert Build
    The Rational Team Concert™ Build system defines resources that are used to describe and manage builds.

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