Building and deploying mobile applications#

You can set up your development environment so that you can build your mobile applications and, by using the IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly Worklight®) plug-in forUrbanCode™ Deploy, deploy the build results to the MobileFirst Platform Foundation Server.

Ensure that the following software is installed and running:

Extra software might be required, such as:

Before you can build and deploy mobile applications to the MobileFirst Platform Foundation Server, you must complete the following configuration steps:

  1. Configure the build system.
  2. Configure UrbanCode Deploy, including the following steps:
    • Create components.
    • Create component processes or application processes that include steps from the MobileFirst Platform Foundation plug-in to deploy the application. See Deploying mobile applications.
  3. Configure Worklight Server Console, including the following steps:

    • Create and configure a database.
    • Configure the MobileFirst Platform Foundation project web archive (WAR) file.
  4. After you set up the build, UrbanCode Deploy and MobileFirst Platform Foundation Server console, you can build and deploy mobile applications by using the following high-level steps:

  5. Check in (commit) changes from MobileFirst Platform Foundation Studio into a source control management (SCM) system.

  6. Build the application and add a version to UrbanCode Deploy.

    Tip: Assign a version to the mobile application that is deployed to the Application Center. This version must match the version that is assigned in UrbanCode Deploy.

    For example, if the mobile application has a commercial version of 1.0 on the Application Center and the internal version from the latest build is 16, assign version 1.0.16 to the application in UrbanCode Deploy. Keeping the version numbers synchronized helps you to recover if you encounter a problem. For example, if the latest version of the mobile application was not deployed successfully to the Application Center.

  7. Request deployment in UrbanCode Deploy.

  8. View the mobile artifacts in the MobileFirst Platform Foundation Console, install, and test the application from the Application Center.

The mobile application artifacts are deployed to the MobileFirst Platform Foundation Server and can be installed on the target device.

Optionally, create extra component and application processes in UrbanCode Deploy to roll back deployments (for example, to recover from an error condition or an incomplete deployment.)

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