Data Insights#

The Insights feature provides DevOps metrics for your project data.

The UrbanCode™Velocity metric data tools enable you to assess your projects' efficiency and quality. You can measure every aspect of the development lifecycle with the supplied charts. You can create your own charts with metric definitions and upload custom data to UrbanCodeVelocity using the API endpoints. Because UrbanCodeVelocity data can come from plug-ins and API calls, project data can come from virtually anywhere, including planing and development tools, testing and build applications, and deployment processes.

The Insights feature consists of three focus areas:

Analyze project data with charts and graphs and then save the information in Insights dashboards.

The UrbanCode Deploy reports feature provides reports for data imported from UrbanCode Deploy.

Note: This feature will be deprecated in a future version.

The experimental Portfolio feature displays metric data for applications.