In this tutorial, we create a value stream and customize it by integrating work items from the frequently-used tools Jira and Git into it.

The value stream that you create in this tutorial introduces you to some of the most-used product features. The tutorial value stream integrates the popular tools Jira and Git, and demonstrates how to incorporate data from those products into your value stream. The link rules that you define enable you access Git and Jira items from within UrbanCodeā„¢ Velocity.

Learning objectives#

In this tutorial, you learn how to complete these tasks:

Time required:2 hours

Time required#

This tutorial takes approximately 2 hours to finish. If you explore other concepts that are related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.

System requirements#

To run this tutorial, you must have installed the UrbanCode Velocity application, version 1.2.6 or later


To complete this tutorial, you need: