Managing licenses#

Configure your license or apply a trial key.

You start with UrbanCodeā„¢ Velocity by installing the Community Edition or the Standard Edition Trial. Your edition is determined by the key that you enter during installation. As a reminder, the Current Application Edition field displays your current edition. If you want to continue to use the Community Edition, no additional configuration is required.

To upgrade from the Community Edition to the Standard Edition Trial, complete these steps:

  1. On the License Management page, click Request Trial Key. You will receive an email with your trial key.
  2. Click Enter Trial Key, and then enter your key.

After you activate the trial, you can use unlimited concurrent sessions and start using product support. A banner displays the number of days left in the trial. By the end of the 60-day trial, you must apply your license. If you do not acquire a license by the end of the trial, your installation is downgraded to the Community Edition and you only have access to community support. All your data are saved, but your installation is restricted to two concurrent sessions.

To upgrade from the Community Edition directly to the Standard Edition, apply your license as described later in this topic. You do not need to obtain a trial key before upgrading to the Standard Edition.

Apply your license by connecting UrbanCode Velocity to a Flexera Flexnet server.

Note: The user applying the license must be in a role with administrative privileges.

To complete license configuration, you install an SSH private key that UrbanCode Velocity uses to encrypt communication with the license server. UrbanCode Velocity sends the SSH public key to FlexNet where it is used to decrypt messages.

To apply your Standard Edition license, complete the following steps:

  1. On the UrbanCode Velocity Web application, click Settings, and then select License Management.

  2. On the License management page, click Connect Server.

  3. On the License server connection page, in the License server field, specify the URL of the FlexNet server.

  4. In the Private key box, paste your private RSA key, and then click Save.

  5. Click Save.

The License management page displays license usage metrics.

To modify, add, or remove license servers, click Edit.

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