Accessing the user interface#

The user interface provides access to reports.

You do not have to be authenticated to access the user interface. However, without authentication you cannot view report data, you can see only the demo reports. The UrbanCode Velocity administrator can authenticate users. If you require access, you must contact an administrator.

After you are authenticated, the data that is gathered in reports you request is the data that you have authorization to view. This authorization is based on your UrbanCode™ Deploy privileges. When you view reports that pull system wide data and you’re focusing on details, data that you do not have authorization to view is not displayed. However, the data is figured into the metrics.

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. Go to the URL for the user interface. The default URLs follow. The administrator might change the URL from the default value. Contact the administrator for the URL if the default URL does not work.

    • Docker Compose: http://hostname/velocity/home
    • Kubernetes: http://hostname/velocity/home

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