Configuring an email server#

Configuring an email server

To send email, you must define an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server.

This task requires that you are an UrbanCodeā„¢ Velocity administrator.

You can set up a mail server for sending notifications and email.

  1. On the UrbanCode Velocity dashboard, click Settings > Email Server.

  2. Click Configure email server.

  3. In the Email server window, in the Mail server host field, enter the mail server URL.

    For example,

  4. In the Port field, enter the mail server port number.

  5. If you want to secure your email communication, check Secure mail server connection.

  6. In the Mail server user name field, enter the email user account name.

  7. Click Mail server password field, enter the user account password.

  8. Click Save.

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