Managing tasks#

A list of associated tasks can be viewed from a deployment plan page. The list of tasks include details about the task. You use action icons to change the task's status during a deployment, such as start or skip a task.

Each task in a deployment plan is contained in a separate row. Use the show icon (Icon to show and hide associated tasks) to show or remove associated tasks from the list. You can also show or hide tags with the tag icon ().

The information that is displayed for each task is described in the following table.

Property Description
Name Task name
Type Type of task: Delayed, Deployment Risk Analysis, Email, Header/Note, Jenkins, Manual, Run another plan, ServiceNow, UrbanCode Deploy, and Wait for approval.
Status Task status: Not started, complete, failed, skipped, not applicable
Owner Person to whom the task is assigned
Start time Start time or expected start time based on scheduled start, or estimated duration of other tasks
End time Time that the task resolved
Duration Length of time in minutes from task start to task resolution.
Dependencies Indicates the number of tasks that are prerequisites for the task, and dependent on the task
Action icons One or more actions used to change the status of the task during a deployment

Tasks are listed in the order that they run. The order of the tasks can be changed by selecting one or more task and dragging to the new location.

At the end of each row are applicable action icons associated with the task. Depending on the task you can perform one or more of the following actions.

You can manage the tasks in a deployment plan from the task bar above the table. When a task is selected, the task bar displays and you can perform the following actions.

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