Mapping environments#

Use the Environment mapping settings page to group together a set of UrbanCode Deploy environments into a logical environment.

This task requires that you are a member of an UrbanCode Deploy system team.

The Environment mapping settings page displays a list of defined logical environments and the number of environments mapped to it. Click the logical environment name to display details and environments mapped to it on the right side of the workspace. Environments are mapped to the line of business individually or based on patterns that you specify.

Complete the following steps to map your UrbanCode environments to a logical environment.

  1. To access the Environment mapping settings page, click Settings > Environment mapping.

  2. Click the logical environment name to map environments.

    You can map environments by using patterns or individually.

    • To map by pattern, complete the following tasks.
      1. Click Include patterns > Add pattern.
      2. On the Add new pattern window, type the pattern to map environments that match the pattern.
      3. Click Add. The environments mapped are displayed. To increase or reduce environments, change increase or reduce the pattern characters.
    • To map by individual environment, complete the following tasks:
      1. Click Individually mapped environments > Add environments.
      2. On the Add individual patterns window, you can select individual environments. Use the Filter environment and Filter application fields at the top of the page to narrow the list. You can use them individually or at the same time.
      3. Click the check box next to the environment name to add or select all check box at the top of the list.
      4. Click Add. The environments mapped are displayed.
    • Select a color to represent the environment in reports. Click the menu arrow in the Choose Color field. Move the slide bar to the color family. Move the cursor to the point in the box for the color. Optionally, you can type the HTML color code. After you have selected a color, click Choose.