HCL Launch Terraform provisioner#

The HCL™ Launch provisioner installs an HCL Launch agent on a virtual machine that is created by a Terraform configuration.

Argument reference#

Name Required Description
agent_name True The agent name.
agent_package_version False The agent package component version to install. The default is version 7.1.
agent_relay_url False The agent relay URL when using an agent relay.
agent_team False The agent team.
append_agent_suffix False Set to true to enable agent install script to automatically append an agent suffix based on the private IP address of the host machine.
jms_port False The JMS port used by the agent for communication to the HCL Launch server. If connecting through an agent relay, the default is 7916. If connecting directly to the HCL Launch server, the default is 7918.
os_type False The operating system that the agent will be installed on. Specify either aix, linux or windows. The default is linux.
sleep_delay False The amount of time to wait between checks for the agent. Default is 5 seconds.
timeout False The amount of time to check for the agent. Default is 30 seconds.
ucd_password True The HCL Launch password.
ucd_proxy_port False The HCL Launch server proxy port. The default is 20080.
ucd_server_url True The HCL Launch server URL.
ucd_user True The HCL Launch user name.

Example usage

resource "aws_instance" "server" {
     connection {
         user = "ubuntu"
         private_key = "${file("./keys/private_key")}"

     provisioner "ucd" {
         agent_name      = "server-agent"
         ucd_server_url  = "https://ucd-server.raleigh.ibm.com:8443"
         ucd_user        = "admin"
         ucd_password    = "admin_password"

     instance_type = "t2.micro"
     ami = "ami-13be557e"

Parent topic: Terraform