Plug-in step icons#

A keyword in the description determines which icon is displayed in the plug-in step.

In most cases, the first word in the description of the plug-in step determines the icon that is displayed. The following table shows the available icons, the keywords that are associated with the icons, and whether the keyword must be the first word in the description.

Step keyword Keyword must be the first word in the description Image name Displayed image
Activate Yes start
Add Yes add
Allocate Yes allocate
AppCmd Yes shellArgs
Approval No setStatus
Assign Yes set
Associate Yes link
Batch Import Yes import
Cancel Yes stop
Change Yes modify
Check Yes check
Configure Yes configure
Copy Yes copy
Delete Yes delete
Deploy No deploy
Define No modify
DesiredInventoryAction No process
Disable Yes stop
Download No download
Each No runProcess
Enable Yes start
Execute Yes start
Export Yes export
Flip Yes flip
FTP Yes ftp
Get Yes read
Import Yes import
Install No install
Launch Yes deploy
Link Yes link
Modify Yes modify
Monitor Yes monitor
Move Yes move
Manual Task No manualTask
Process Yes runProcess
Publish Yes publish
Read Yes read
Reboot Yes restart
Recycle Yes recycle
Register Yes create
Receive Yes receive
Retrieve Yes receive
Restart Yes restart
Revert Yes revert
Rollback No revert
Run No runProcess
Run Groovy Script Yes runScript
Send No send
Shell Yes shell
Shell (with xargs) Yes shellArgs
Start Yes start
Stop Yes stop
Set Yes set
Submit Yes setStatus
Sync Yes sync
Terminate Yes stop
Unzip Yes unzip
Untar Tarball Yes unzip
Update Yes sync
Upload Yes upload
Upgrade Yes upgrade
Undeploy Yes undeploy
Uninstall No uninstall
Untar No unzip
Validate Yes setStatus
Verify Yes check
View Yes monitor
Wait Yes wait
WebSphere® No websphere

Parent topic: Plug-in steps: The step-type element