Supported TLS and SSL protocols and ciphers#

HCL™ Launch supports multiple SSL protocols and ciphers for communication between servers.

HCL Launch supports TLSv1, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1.2 SSL protocols. HCL Launch supports only the SSLv3 protocol if older agents require its use. See Upgrading agents.

Note: Limiting and disabling SSL and TLS protocols and ciphers is done at the JVM level rather than the application level.

HCL Launch uses SSL in communication between the web UI and the server and between servers that use ActiveMQ. The SSL certificates that control both types of communication use the Java™ KeyStore (JKS) format. The certificates are generated by an RSA key with a 2048-bit length and are signed by a SHA256withRSA algorithm.

The list of SSL ciphers you can use depends on which ciphers the Java crypto provider of the JRE supports on which you installed your UrbanCode Deploy server, relay and agent.

HCL Java 8 with the HCLJSSE2 crypto provider support:

Oracle/OpenJDK Java 8 with the SUN crypto provider support:

The following SSL cipher suites are enabled by default:

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