HCL license scenarios#

After the evaluation period, you must acquire agent licenses before you can use all product features. These agent licenses can be used in few of the scenarios mentioned below.

If you are using a license monitoring tool, you must ensure that agents are connected to the server so that the correct license usage is reported. The agents get their license type from the connection to the HCL™ Launch server. Therefore, if the agents cannot connect to the HCL Launch server, the .swidtag files in the agent directory might be incorrect, and as a result, the license usage reports from the IBM License Metric Tool might not reflect actual usage. Check firewalls and other agent connectivity issues to be sure that licenses are available and accurately accounted for.

The following license scenarios are available.

Agent licensing#

HCL Launch agents require a license in order to be used to run deployment or import build artifacts. Note that the HCL Launch server does not require any licenses in order to connect to and interact with the Web UI.

You must configure HCL Launch to connect to FlexNet Operations server that contains the HCL UrbanCode Deploy licenses. Agent licenses are applied to agents via the Web UI, or the server can be configured to automatically apply licenses to unlicensed agents as they connect. For information about how to apply licenses, see Managing licenses.

The licenses are released when the agents are deleted.

Licenses for use with high-availability servers#

If you have an HCL Launch High Availability Server Cluster, then all servers in the cluster must be configured to connect to a FlexNet Operations server.

Licensing for z/OS®#

Agents on z/OS use different licensing scenarios than agents on distributed systems. (Agents on z/Linux™ use the same licensing scenarios as agents on distributed systems.) Each agent requires a license, even if multiple agents are running on a single LPAR. One agent is required on each environment, even if the environments are on a single sysplex.

To run deployments, agents on z/OS must have the HCL URBANCODE DEPLOY zOS license.

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