Conditional processes#

Every connection (except connections from the Start step) has a delete tool and conditional flag. The conditional flag sets a condition on a connection.

To change a flag value, cycle through possible values by clicking the flag.

The possible conditional flags are as follows:

By default, all connections have the flag set to checked (success), meaning the originating step must end processing before the target step starts to process.

The following figure shows two steps that are connected with a success conditional flag, which is the default for new connections. In this case, if the first step finishes, the process follows the connection to the second step. If the first step fails, the process ends, and the second step does not run.

Two steps that are connected by a connection; the connection has a green success conditional flag

A step can have multiple connections with different conditional flags. For example, the following figure shows a step with three connections:

A step that has three connections, each with a different conditional flag

Note: If a step has multiple connections that eventually reach the same target step, determining whether the target runs depends on the value of the intervening flags. If all of the intervening connections have success flags, the target runs only if all the steps are successful.

For an entire process to succeed, it must reach a Finish step. If it does not end with Finish, the process fails.

Parent topic: Process step types and logic