Exporting components#

Importing and exporting can be especially useful if you have multiple HCL™ Launch servers, for example, and must quickly move or update components.

Exporting components creates a JSON file (file extension json) that contains the source configuration information, properties, and processes for the components. For more information about JSON, see http://www.json.org/.

When you export components, applications, processes, or templates, and then import them on a different computer, the same versions of the same plug-ins must be installed on both computers.

Note: Exporting components in this way includes only the most recent version of each component process.

  1. To export components:
  2. On the Components pane (Components ), select the check box next to one or more components.

  3. At the top of the table, click Actions and then click Export.

You can load the file into a text editor or save it. Then, you can import the components to another server that uses the same version of HCL Launch. See Importing applications. See Importing components.

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