Uninstalling components with an application process#

You can uninstall components by using an Uninstall Component step in an application process.

There are several ways to uninstall a component. To replace an existing component version, you can install another version over it by running an application process that contains a deployment process for the component. To remove a component version, you run an application process that includes the Uninstall Component step.

  1. To uninstall a component version, complete these steps:
  2. Create an application process that contains the Uninstall Component step.

  3. In the Uninstall Component step, select the component to remove and the uninstall-type component process that is defined for it.

  4. In the Uninstall Type field, specify All Existing to remove all versions of the component from the environment's inventory. Otherwise, specify All Selected For Process to remove only the versions that you select when you run the application process.

  5. Run the application process.

    The selected component versions are no longer in the environment inventory.

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