Removing and reinstalling agents as Windows services#

If you installed an agent as a Windows™ service, you can remove and reinstall the service.

Install an agent as a Windows service. See Installing agents from the command line.

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator.

  2. Go to the C:\agent_install\bin\service folder, where agent_install is the installed agent location.

  3. Remove the service by running the following command:

    _agent.cmd remove service\_name

    Use the name of the service for service\_name. To find the service name, open the services view and find the entry that starts with HCL™ Launch Agent. The service name is in parentheses in this entry.

  4. Reinstall the service by running the following command:

    _agent.cmd install service\_name

    Note: While re-installing an agent, the latest PATH variable values are used.

Parent topic: Agents and agent relay configuration