Update a resource

To update a resource with this command, you must specify all of the existing data for the resource.


udclient [\[global-args...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md) [\[global-flags...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md)
  updateResource [parameters] [JSON file]


Parameter Type Required Description
resource string true Path to the resource, such as /ResourceGroup/Agents/Agent1
template string false Name or ID of the resource template (Optional)
blueprintId string false Name or ID of the blueprint (Optional)
application string false Name or ID of the application (Required to look up blueprint by name)


This command takes a JSON request string or file. Use the following template for the request:

  "agent": "Name or ID of an agent to use for automation 
  "agentPool": "Name or ID of an agent pool to use for 
  automation (Optional)",
  "component": "Name or ID of a component to associate 
  with the resource (Optional)",
  "componentTag": "Name or ID of a component tag to 
  associate with the resource; any components with that tag 
  can be deployed to this resource (Optional)",
  "description": "Description",
  "impersonationForce": "Specify true to prevent children 
  or steps from specifying their own impersonation settings 
  "impersonationGroup": "Group for default impersonation 
  "impersonationPassword": "Password for default 
  impersonation (Optional)",
  "impersonationUseSudo": "Specify true to use the sudo 
  command for impersonation (Optional)",
  "impersonationUser": "User name for default 
  impersonation (Optional)",
  "name": "Name for the new resource; leave blank to 
  inherit the name from an agent, pool, or role",
  "parent": "ID or path to parent resource; leave blank to 
  create a root resource (Optional)",
  "role": "Name or ID of a resource role to associate with 
  the agent; if this resource is for a component, specify 
  the component name instead (Optional)",
  "roleProperties": {"Property name": "Property value 


udclient -username jsmith -password passwd 
  -weburl https://myserver.example.com:8443
  -resource "/My resource"

Example JSON request#

  "name": "New resource name",
  "description": "An updated resource",

Related REST command: Update a resource.

Parent topic: CLI Commands