List properties that must be specified for a process

If a snapshot name or ID is specified, results include any component process steps which have some properties marked to receive values later for a specific version based on the snapshot.


udclient [\[global-args...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/ [\[global-flags...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/
  getApplicationProcessUnfilledProperties [parameters]


Parameter Type Required Description
application string true Name or ID of the application
processName string true Name of the application process
snapshot string false Name or ID of the snapshot (optional)
environment string false Get the properties based on if they were deployed to the specified environment (optional)


udclient -username jsmith -password passwd 
  -application MyApplication
  -processName MyProcess

Example response#

    "id": "decc3570-17ae-4b46-b640-6a7180edafa9",
    "name": "MyProperty",
    "label": "MyProperty",
    "pattern": "",
    "type": "TEXT",
    "value": "",
    "required": false,
    "description": "",
    "placeholder": ""

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Parent topic: CLI Commands