Upload files to a version


udclient [\[global-args...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/ [\[global-flags...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/
  addVersionFiles [parameters]


Parameter Type Required Description
component string false Name/ID of the component (Only required if not using version ID)
version string true Name/ID of the version
base string true Local base directory for upload. All files inside this will be sent.
offset string false Target path offset (the directory in the version files to which these files should be added)
include string false An include file pattern for selecting files to add (may be repeated)
exclude string false An exclude file pattern for excluding files (may be repeated). Overrides includes.
saveExecuteBits boolean false Saves execute bits for files.


udclient -username jsmith -password passwd 
  -component JPetStore-WEB
  -version 1.1
  -base newImageFolder
  -exclude */subDirName/*

Parent topic: CLI Commands