Get all base resources for an environment#

This command returns a listing of all resources added as base resources to an environment.


GET https://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json

Parameter Type Required Description
environment string true Name or ID of the environment
application string false Name of the application; this value is required if you specify the environment name instead of ID
Parameter Type Required Description
Accept application/json true  

Example response#

    "id": "4db385d8-34bb-4625-8e62-c627175a2cf7",
    "name": "Tutorial agent 1",
    "path": "/JPetStore agents/Tutorial agent 1",
    "active": true,
    "description": "",
    "inheritTeam": true,
    "impersonationPassword": "****",
    "impersonationUseSudo": false,
    "impersonationForce": false,
    "type": "agent",
    "status": "ONLINE",
    "hasAgent": true,
    "tags": [

Related CLI command: getEnvironmentBaseResources.

Parent topic: environment resource