Editing user information manually#

You can manually edit the stored name, email address, and password for user accounts on the server for internal security realms. For an SSO authentication realm, name and email address are passed in via HTTP headers (for example, from an HTTP proxy that is translating Kerberos tokens into HTTP headers).

Editing user information requires permission to view the Authentication (Users) page. Make sure that the user's role is assigned to the proper team and Web UI | Settings Tab permissions are granted.

  1. On the UrbanCode Deploy main menu bar, click Settings.

  2. To display the authentication page, in the Security group, click Authentication (Users).

  3. In the Actions column, click Edit for the user account that requires updates.

  4. Edit the Name and Email fields as needed. When you complete the edits, click Save.

  5. To change the password for a user account, click Reset Password, and then enter the new password in the Password field. Confirm the new entry in the Re-enter field. Click Save.

Parent topic: Authentication realms