Token expiration settings#

Tokens provide authorization for agents, agent relays, users, and external systems or applications from the server. Agents use tokens when they run process steps and communicate with the HCL™ Launch server and external services. In the Security settings area, you can set time limits for four tokens types.Two tokens types work with plug-ins that enable discovering and applying configurations. The third type is used when component versions are automatically imported. You can set the how much time elapses before the token expires and if you want to use the default auth token restrictions.

The tokens are generated automatically when the steps are run. The first three tokens use the built-in UC Auto Configure, UC Auto Discovery, and UC Version Import users and their permissions. The plug-in token has the permissions of the user who requests the process that plug-in runs from. These tokens are the same as those that you can create in the user interface and a command-line interface. See Tokens. Go to the UrbanCode website to access plug-ins that work with HCL Launch and provide steps that create these tokens.

To access the Security settings area, click Settings, click System Settings, and then scroll down.

You can specify these expiration delays for tokens:

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