The plugin-javaopts.conf file#

The plugin-javaopts.conf file can be used to set the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for automation plug-ins that use Groovy.

By default, the plugin-javaopts.conf file is stored on the agent computer in the agent_installation_directory/conf/ folder. You can use the plugin-javaopts.conf file to set the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for a plug-in that is different from the JAVA_OPTS variable for the agent process itself. The plug-in must use Groovy, and not Java™.

Note: If there are syntax errors in the plugin-javaopts.conf file, errors and unpredictable behavior can result. Also, any custom modifications that you make to the plugin-javaopts.conf file might be overwritten if you upgrade the agent to a newer version.

If you use the HCL Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run the agent, you might achieve faster step execution times by adding the -Xquickstart parameter to the plugin-javaopts.conf file. For information about this parameter, see

Important: Only use the -Xquickstart parameter with the HCL JVM. Do not use this parameter with the Oracle JDK or Open JDK distributions.

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