Saving and printing reports#

You can print and save report data for all report types. In addition, you can save filter and sort order information for deployment-type reports.

To save report data in a CSV (comma-separated value) file, follow these steps:

  1. Set filters, if any, and run the report.
  2. Click Download CSV.
  3. From the browser dialog box, save the data to a file, or open the data by using an application that is associated with CSV files.

Note: The sort order and hidden or visible column information is not preserved in the CSV file.

To print a report, follow these steps:

  1. Set the filter conditions.
  2. Define the reporting period.
  3. Run the report.
  4. Optional: Set the sort order. Your changes are reflected in the printed report.
  5. Optional: Change the column visibility. By default, all columns are selected to be shown in the printed report. Hidden columns are not shown in the output.
  6. Click Print to print the report.

Parent topic: Reporting