Installing plug-ins into IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect#

Install and upgrade plug-ins in IBM® Bluemix DevOps Connect.

Download an DevOps Connect compatible plug-in from the IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect plug-in page.

The IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect plug-in page displays the available plug-ins and provides installation files and documentation for the plug-ins.

You can upgrade a plug-in by installing the new version over the old version. Plug-ins can be installed at any time. You do not need to restart DevOps Connect after you install a plug-in.

  1. From the DevOps Connect dashboard, click Plugins, and then click Upload Plugin.

  2. Click Browse, select the plug-in installation file, and then click Save.

After the upload to the server completes, the plug-in is listed on the Plugins page and is ready to use.

Create integrations for the product or tool associated with the plug-in.

Parent topic: Integrating cloud services with IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect