Running application processes#

To run an application process, specify the environment to use and the process to run. In many cases, you also specify the component versions to deploy.

The server runs the application process with the specified component versions. You can view the process requests by going to the History tab for the environment or application. Typically, resources are mapped for each component version that is deployed by the application process. You can use the same application process for different environments, some of which do not have mappings for all components. If you run an application process on an environment where not all components are mapped, the resulting status for those components is Not Mapped.

You can view the progress of the process by going to the History tab and opening the process request. The application process request shows each step in the process. Within each process, the steps are not shown in the order that they run in. Instead, steps are shown in the order of appearance in the process editor, from the steps at the top of the canvas to the steps at the bottom of the canvas.

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