Work items#

If a job requires approval, an approval process must be created. Then, the job displays in the approver’s Work Items tab.

Until it is approved, the job remains idle if it is unscheduled. If time elapses on a scheduled job that needs approval, the job fails. This control allows the approver to verify the deployment details, and choose the time that it is deployed. Notifications are sent to users who are eligible to complete an approval step if the system is configured with an email server and the user has an email address set.

In the Works Items tab, the approver can view the name of the process, when the request was submitted, who requested the process, and the snapshot or version used. The approver can also view details of the environment or resource by clicking the link in the Environment/Resource column. They can view the details of the target by clicking the link in the target column. Or they can view details on the request by selecting the View Request in the Actions column. The Actions column is also where the approver can respond to the request.

To respond to a request, display the Respond dialog box by clicking Respond in the Actions column. The approver has the option of leaving a comment. If a request is rejected, the process does not run. If approved, the process begins.

Parent topic: Creating an approval process