Get information about an application process#

Returns a JSON representation of an application process.


GET https://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json

Parameter Type Required Description
application string true Name or ID of the application
applicationProcess string true Name of the process
Parameter Type Required Description
Accept application/json true  

Example response#

  "id": "b02d0960-e878-45b5-88d9-7461159f0e19",
  "name": "Deploy JPetStore",
  "description": "",
  "active": true,
  "inventoryManagementType": "AUTOMATIC",
  "offlineAgentHandling": "PRE_EXECUTION_CHECK",
  "versionCount": 2,
  "version": 2,
  "commit": 30,
  "path": "applications/c8a45972-da39-4450-87f0-21fae710e0f5/processes/b02d0960-e878-45b5-88d9-7461159f0e19"

Related CLI command: getApplicationProcess.

Parent topic: applicationProcess resource