Creating security types#

Create security subtypes to help you manage access to objects through the server.

Except for the web UI and server configuration product areas, you can create security subtypes for most object types, such as applications, environments, and components.

  1. On the server, click Settings > Type Configuration.

  2. From the list of object types, select the type to add a security subtype to.

  3. Click Create Type.

  4. In the Create Type dialog box, enter a name for the type.

  5. Click Save.

Assign security subtypes to roles and grant permissions to the roles. Agent subtypes that are assigned to roles, for example, can have view and edit permissions that are granted or withheld. See Creating roles and assigning permissions.

To delete a user-created security type, on the Type Configuration page, select the object type, and then click Delete for the type. Standard types cannot be deleted.

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