Lesson 6 Deploy the component#

To deploy the component, run the application process on an environment.

Using the application environment and process that you created in previous steps, you can deploy the component.

  1. Open the application page by clicking Applications and then clicking the application name.

  2. In the same row as your environment, click the Request Process icon .

  3. In the Run Process window, accept the default value for the Only Changed Versions parameter.

    If this check box is selected, no previously deployed component versions are deployed.

  4. In the Process list, select the hello App Process process.

  5. Click Choose Versions.

    The Component Versions window opens.

  6. In the Component Versions window, click Select For All, and then select Latest Available. Click OK to return to the Run Process window.

  7. Click Submit.

    The Application Process Request page shows the progress of the request. From here, you can watch as the process runs. The following figure shows the running process.

    The Application Process Request page with running process

    If the process finishes, the Success status is shown, as in the following figure:

    The Application Process Request page with the Success status shown

    If the application process execution is not successful, click Expand All and in the same row as your application process, click View Child Execution. View Child Exection does not appear until you hover the mouse over the process. The Deployment of Component page shows the log for each step in the component process. From here, you can look at the output log for each step by clicking the Output Log icon .

  8. Open the target directory to confirm that the component artifacts are deployed.

The helloWorld.zip file is moved to the location that you specified in the helloHome property, as shown in the following figure:

The component artifacts deployed

The application process installed the helloWorld component into the target environment.

Application processes can also uninstall or update components or run other configuration.

For more information about running deployments, see Deploying applications.

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