System requirements and performance considerations#

The HCL™ Launch server runs on Windows™ and UNIX™ systems. Following some guidelines can improve the performance of the server and agents.

For complete system requirements for the HCL Launch server, agent, and related systems, including information on minimum required hardware and operating system version, see System Requirements for HCL® UrbanCode™ Deploy. You can generate an up-to-date detailed system requirement report for different contexts, for example: by operating system or by component. To generate a report, on the System Requirements page, select the version and click the desired context. For a list of supported web browsers, select the Prerequisites tab on the generated report and then click Web Browsers.

For guidelines on performance optimization, see the white paper Performance Characteristics of HCL UrbanCode™ Deploy.

You must have a Rational® Common Licensing server with available licenses. See License management.

New installation and upgrade requirements beginning in version 7.0.2:

Important: Beginning in version 6.2.2, the HCL Launch server and agent relays require a Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8.

The following diagram shows the default port numbers that HCL Launch uses for communication. Most of these ports can change depending on your choices at installation time. The following diagram is only a summary of the defaults.

A topology that shows the ports that each part of HCL Launch uses for communication

For more topologies, see Systems and topology overview.

The server must have network access to the following ports:

If your agents connect to the server through an agent relay, you must configure your networks and firewalls to allow the following communication. In this case, you install the agent relay on the same network and the same side of the firewall as the agents.

For example, if your server is on an internal network and your agents are on an external network such as a public cloud, you install the agent relay on the cloud and have the agents connect to the agent relay. Then, the agent relay connects through the firewall to the internal network.

If your agents connect directly to the server, you must configure your networks and firewalls to allow the following communication:

The blueprint design server must meet the following requirements:

The Heat orchestration engine must meet the following requirements:

The blueprint designer is compatible with the following cloud systems:

You must configure virtual images in supported clouds for communication with HCL Launch:

For best performance, follow these guidelines:

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