Applying licenses to servers and agents#

To use licenses, you install a Rational® Common Licensing server, import your license keys, and link the HCL™ Launch servers or agents to the license server.

Ensure that you have a Rational Common Licensing server with licenses for HCL Launch.

The following Roles and Permissions are needed to assign Licenses to an Agent:

Web UI:

Resources Tab


View Agents

Edit Basic Settings

For more information regarding roles and permissions see Permission reference

For information about the types of licenses, see License scenarios.

  1. On the HCL Launch server, click Settings > System Settings.

  2. On the System Settings page, under Licensing, specify the connection information for the license server and click Save.

    You can specify the port and host name or IP address for the license server, such as To avoid problems when a license server is not available, you can specify multiple license servers. In this case, separate each address with colons on Linux™ and UNIX™ or semicolons on Windows™, as in the following example:; For more complicated license server scenarios, see this document: For more information about licensing, see License management.

    The Server License Type field shows the type of licensing that the server is using.

  3. If you are using virtual server and managed virtual server (Server Agent) licensing, specify whether to assign licenses to the agents automatically or manually. These steps are not necessary for the other types of licensing.

    • To assign licenses to agents automatically, set Automatic Agent Licensing to On and then click Save. This setting is meaningful only if you are using virtual server and managed virtual server (Server Agent) licensing.
    • To assign licenses to agents manually, follow these steps:
    • Click Resources > Agents.

    • Next to an agent, click Actions and then click License.

      This menu item is available only if the Server License Type field is set to Server Agent and Automatic Agent Licensing is set to Off.

    • In the Confirmation window, click OK.

      The License column for the agent shows AUTHORIZED and the agent is licensed.

    If you are using a license scenario other than virtual server and managed virtual server (Server Agent) licensing, the HCL Launch server assigns licenses to agents automatically. If you are using token licenses or floating licenses, the server attempts to retrieve the necessary license or licenses from the license servers that are available to the HCL Launch server.

    Note: If you provision cloud environments by using the blueprint designer and use virtual server and managed virtual server (Server Agent) licensing, configure the server to assign licenses to agents automatically.

  4. Restart the HCL Launch server.

    You must restart the server for it to recognize the new type of license.

Now you can run processes on the licensed servers and agents.

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