Configuring virtual system pattern-based clouds#

To create dynamic environments on a cloud system that uses virtual system patterns, you must install a script package on your cloud system.

The Install HCL™ Launch Agent package automatically installs agents on cloud resources. When you provision an environment from the cloud system, this script package installs an agent on each node in the cloud resource request. Then, these agents contact the HCL Launch server, and the server adds them to the environment.

  1. Download and extract the file for agents on dynamic cloud environments.

    This file, which is named, is available at the following location:

  2. In your cloud system, create a script package and upload the file to the script package.

    The process differs slightly for different cloud systems.

    For example, for most cloud systems, follow these steps:

    1. Click Catalog > Script Packages.

    2. Click New .

    3. In the Script name field, specify the following name:

      Install HCL UrbanCode Deploy Agent

      The new script package opens.

    4. In the Script package file field, upload the file

    You do not need to specify default values for the parameters in this script package. The server specifies these parameters when you create an environment.

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