Integrating cloud services with IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect#

IBM® Bluemix DevOps Connect coordinates communication between IBM UrbanCode™ Release, HCL Launch, and the HCL Cloud and Bluemix services.

You download DevOps Connect from HCL developerWorks, and install it on a computer that has access to IBM UrbanCode Release or HCL Launch. DevOps Connect comes with several plug-ins installed that you can use to integrate IBM UrbanCode Release and HCL Launch with HCL Cloud and Bluemix services. You can update existing plug-ins or install new ones by using the DevOps Connect web-based dashboard.

You can start creating integrations with the installed plug-ins as soon as you register for DevOps Connect. DevOps Connect includes the following plug-ins:

After you install DevOps Connect, use the installed plug-ins to create integrations with IBM UrbanCode Release and HCL Launch. Integrations run periodically and sync data between the integrated products and the HCL Bluemix services. Integrations use encrypted SSL connections and store data in encrypted databases. DevOps Connect encrypts the data before it provides it to the HCL Bluemix services.

The first time that you run DevOps Connect, register it by using your HCLid. You cannot use DevOps Connect until you register it. DevOps Connect generates a unique ID and receives a token that together forms its credentials. The credentials are used to establish secure connections and store configuration information and data in the cloud. The credentials are stored in the file. For information about the file, see Installing IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect.

DevOps Connect uses SSL to communicate with the cloud services. The DevOps Connect web-based dashboard also uses SSL.

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