Component template properties#

Component template properties ensure that every component created from a template has the same properties. The types of available properties are described in the following table.

Type Description
Properties Custom property. Every component inherits the value that is defined in the template (it cannot be overridden by a component). If you change the value, the change is reflected in components that are created from the template, including components that were previously created.
Component Property Definitions Every component has this property. It appears on the Create Component dialog box for every component that is created from this template (see Creating components). A value that is defined here can be changed by created components.
Environment Property Definitions Every environment that uses a component that is created by this template has this property. The property appears on the environment's Component Mappings pane (Applications > selected application > Environments > selected environment > Component Mappings), see Application environments. A value that is defined here can be changed by environment.
Resource Property Definitions This property appears on resources that the component is deployed to.

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