Setting the teams for your account#

As a user, you can see and edit the teams that you are assigned to on the server. Your permissions determine which changes you can make.

  1. At the upper-right corner of the server window, click your user name, and then click My Profile > My Teams, as shown in the following figure:

    The My Teams link

  2. From the My Teams page, manage the teams that you are a member of.

    For more information, see Security teams.

  3. Set the default teams for objects that you create:

    1. Click My Profile > My Teams, and then go to the Preferences tab.

    2. In the Default Teams for New Objects list, specify which teams to assign new objects to:

      Select All Available Teams to add new objects to all of the teams that you are a member of. Select None to specify that no new objects are added to your teams. To specify specific teams, select Specific Teams, and then select one or more teams.

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Parent topic: Managing security