Build definitions#

In Rational® Team Concert™, a build definition describes the key components of a build.

The build definition describes the following components:

The following sections describe the considerations that apply when you build IBM® MobileFirst Platform Foundation mobile applications.

Supporting build engines#

When you specify a build engine to run build requests for the build definition, ensure that any required SDKs (such as the Android SDK or Apple Xcode SDK) are installed and configured on the build engine.


You can use properties to customize the build for a specific build definition. For example, you can set properties for the path to the build output or the native SDK.

Ant build file and targets#

In the Build file field, use the following value to specify the location of the Ant build script that is loaded with the workspace: load/${buildLabel}/*project*/*folder*/*script*


Tip: If you choose a different relative location for your build script in the workspace, you must change the value of the loadDir property.

In the Build targets field, specify any specific targets that you want to run in your build script. By default, build scripts run the all target.

Ant configuration#

Ant configuration includes the following tasks:

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