Configuring the UrbanCode Mobile app#

Connect your UrbanCode Mobile application to the HCL Cloud service and receive deployment data on your mobile devices.

The UrbanCode Mobile application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The mobile application requires iOS 9.0 or later.

To receive data with your app, you must first secure your device by enabling a passcode or touch ID.

To receive deployment data from IBM® UrbanCode™ Release and UrbanCode Deploy on your mobile device, install the HCL UrbanCode Release and Deploy app on your mobile device and then register it. You are eligible to receive deployment data from IBM UrbanCode Release if you are on a team with deployments for any phases that are selected to sync. You are eligible to receive approval requests from UrbanCode Deploy if you are on a team with approvals assigned to your role.

The first time a deployment runs for which you are eligible, you receive an email invitation to download the app. The invitation contains a link to the Apple App Store, and an access code. After you register your app, you receive data for your deployments. Each deployment has its own dashboard that contains status information about the deployment's overall progress, and other task-related information.

Approval requests and manual tasks that are assigned to your role appear in the app's Inbox. You can respond to items in your Inbox and complete manual tasks and grant approvals.

  1. After you receive your email invitation from HCL UrbanCode, use the link in the email message to download the app from the Apple App Store.

  2. Install and then start the app.

  3. When you are prompted to allow the HCL UrbanCode Release and Deploy mobile app to send you notifications, select OK.

    Note: If you do not allow the application to send you notifications, you cannot receive approval requests and you are unable to respond to manual tasks. To enable notifications after the app is installed, turn on the Allow Notifications setting, Settings > UrbanCode > Notifications.

  4. On the Mobile Sign In page, in the Access Code field, enter the access code that was provided in your email invitation, and then press Submit.

    Your HCL UrbanCode Release and Deploy app is registered with the cloud service. You receive deployment data and approval requests for deployments managed by your team. The access code is valid for 72 hours. If you lose your access code or if it expires, use the Request New Access Code link on the Device Registration page to request another code.

  5. On the My Dashboards page, open one of your dashboards and begin exploring your deployment data.

    Each deployment has its own dashboard.

  6. You can also explore demonstration data. To view the demonstration data, click Demo.

    The data is from example deployments that are updated regularly. You can select one of the dashboards and explore the associated release.

After your HCL UrbanCode Release and Deploy mobile app is registered, you receive deployment-related data, and task and approval requests. The data is refreshed regularly.

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