Integrating HCL UrbanCode Deploy with UrbanCode Mobile#

Use HCL® Bluemix™ DevOps Connect to integrate UrbanCode™ Deploy with UrbanCode Mobile.

Make sure the HCL UrbanCode Deploy for Mobile plug-in is installed in HCL Bluemix DevOps Connect.

After you run an integration, first-time eligible users receive email invitations to download and register the UrbanCode Mobile application. Users are eligible if they are members of teams that run deployments. For best results, configure the HCL UrbanCode Deploy teams before you run an integration. The email that users receive contains a link where users can download the app, and an access code they can use to register their mobile application. After they register their mobile application, users receive deployment data from the cloud-based service. For information about registering the mobile app, see Configuring the UrbanCode Mobile app.

In the HCL UrbanCode Deploy instance, generate a token for the admin user. You use the token to authenticate the HCL UrbanCode Deploy instance.

Use the HCL UrbanCode Deploy for Mobile plug-in to create integrations that provide HCL UrbanCode Deploy deployment data to the UrbanCode Mobile app. Integrations send summary deployment data to the HCL Cloud Service through an encrypted SSL connection, and store the data in an encrypted database. The encrypted data is provided to UrbanCode Mobile users.

  1. From the HCL Bluemix DevOps Connect dashboard, click Integrations, and then click Add New.

  2. In the Name field, type a name for the integration.

  3. From the Integration Type list, select HCL UrbanCode Deploy for mobile.

    Fields that are related to your selection are displayed. The Version field displays the plug-in version number.

  4. In the Server URI field, enter the public URL of the UrbanCode Deploy server.

    For example, https://my\

  5. In the Authentication Token field, enter or paste the authentication token generated by UrbanCode Deploy.

  6. In the Frequency field, specify the integration frequency.

    Integrations run on an interval determined by the entered value. The default value is 1 minute, which means that integrations run every minute.

  7. Click Run Integration to run the integration immediately.

    You can manually run integrations at any time regardless of the value in the Frequency field.

  8. Click Save.

After the integration runs, deployment data for the selected phases is synced with the HCL Cloud Service. Eligible first-time users receive email invitations to download the mobile app.

If you are a first-time user of the mobile app, see Configuring the UrbanCode Mobile app.

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